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How Can We Serve You?

CiderLikeWine works with small businesses and startups for as long as needed. You only pay for services performed, giving you the most efficient use of your budget dollars. Here's just some of the ways we've helped our clients.

Sales Manager

Your business deserves a dedicated sales professional that can set SMART goals for your sales staff to exceed, guiding them through execution. A part-time Sales Manager can do this and track your sales data to prove results.

Marketing Manager

CiderLikeWine can create and execute plans for reaching your customers through traditional media, social media or events. Every plan is customized for your needs and budget.

Talent Acquisition

When it's time to add another member to your team, count on CiderLikeWine to create your job description, filter through resumes, conduct initial screenings, design compensation structure and craft offer letters.

Business Evaluation & Planning

It can be very difficult to have perspective on your business when you're on the inside. With a full understanding of the alcohol industry and consumerism, CiderLikeWine can offer a fair, analytical view of your business in relation to the industry and market with recommendations for where to go from here.

See our Services Menu for a full list of the functions we've performed for our clients.


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